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106 - April Saturday 16, 1927

A cold windy cloudy day with patches of sunshine. Rain in the back country yesterday.

Went to the Earl School with HK. Start at 1:45 Return at 5:30. 69 miles.

Only one snake seen alive or dead this being a dead garter on the highway at Pepper Drive. Large.

First hunted in the rocks east of the road near Shady Dell. Got 3 x.h., 1 Uta, 1 Skelly. All were in cracks in the rocks; none running about. Saw an orcutti and several other x.h. Got 2 Hyla arenicolor in cracks in the rocks. Found a small xantusia that had choked to death on a grub which was stuck in his throat.

Hunted for a short time in the rocks beyond Earl School. Got nothing. These rocks look good from the road but are of poor quality without flakes.

A poor day. Too cold and damp for snakes.