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Monday August 17, 1931

This morning we left Williams for the Grand Canyon at 8:50 M.T.; a clear cool morning.

At Grand Canyon we met McKee and Bogert. McKee has caught no rattlers this year. He wants to know more about the Confluentus problem and I promised to send him a map (done later). He promised to send me "Grand Canyon Nature Notes".

Bogert had a number of interesting specimens including a molossus in Havasupai Canyon (Western end of Grand Canyon) and a Sonora on one of the main trails. These are botth new records for the canyon.

On the rally over to the Canyon, we start with Transition and end in the same, but the area between which probably corresponds to that around Calla and Anita on the Santa Fe in Sonoran.

Sage brush is to be seen; no trees except junipers. Although the grass is green the soil looks poor and the vegetation sparse. Saw only one lizard on the way a skelly of some kind.

(Continued Aug. 8th)


Had a little trouble making out the start of paragraph 4, if he uses the word "rally over to the Canyon" not sure what he means.
by Szlyna