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Tuesday December 22, 1931

From 1/2 way between Albuquerque and Las Vegas southward it is upland rolling prairie. Hills in the foreground; mountains in the background patches of snow. Farms in the valley. This is one hour out of Albug. There are trees in the river washes; scattered light brush on the prairie. Plenty rocks on the hillsides and bluffs. Pueblo villages. At Bernalillo the valley is quite wide and flat.

South of Albuquerque the valley is broad and level; cold with frost. At Isleta still a dry valley; light brush and grass on the hills at the right.

After leaving the valley we reached a rolling prairie with a few scattered rock outcrops. The brush is quite low_mostly bunch grass. Sandia: Upland rolling prairie; bunch grass. Dalies: Rolling prairie; sparse vegetation; scattered sage brush; evidently quite sandy; this particularly evident in railroad cut. Ice in pools. Rio Puerco: Hard red soil; bunch grass and low brush; hilly; mts. near by. North Garcia: Rough and rocky hills; alkali flats; sandstone. Some ground red, some not. South Garcia: Very red. High prairie; hills in the distance. Sparse vegetation.


May want to check the spelling on Isleta, or Isbta...hard to make out.
by Szlyna