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Thursday December 24, 1931

McCartys: Valley has again widened. Some junipers; light brush; rocky bluffs in the distance; snow patches, soil not red. Grants: Just of here there is a verylarge grassy valley; much snow; can't tell if if its sandy or not. There is much black rock toward the west. Surrounded by hills open to the south as far as can be seen. Junipers in the the hills. Grants is quite a town; kids skating on ice. Then we go again along a narrow valley; soil getting redder. Toltec: Another large valley, snow covered now. Blue water: Another great valley, rolling, with rock outcrops. Baca still a great valley with red sandstone bluffs in the distance. This whole country is high valleys, bluffs and mountains; junipers and bunch grass. Rock outcrops. Thoreaw: Still the same kind of country; plenty of snow on the ground; yellowish-red soil; rockey hills in the distance, red as usual. We then cross a pass; the junipers are large like Winona. Perla somewhat lower; no junipers; a rolling snow covered valley, surrounded by red bluffs. Wingate: A somewhat smaller valley surrounded by red bluffs. McCunie:Fort Wingate hedges to be seen to the south.


Unsure of the very last sentence, hard to read because part of the word looks like it's cut off and I'm not sure if he is writing hedges.
by Szlyna