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Thursday January 14, 1932

Tired out with rate case.
(June 13th Continued)
Caliente. Both are dark chocolate brown with very faint markings. Either has a well defined dorsal stripe; rather they are like San Diego Co. mixed Kings - that is the markings are variable, but with no even dorsal stripe anywhere. In other words the markings are nearer boylii than californiae but are very faint. There is a jagged dorsal line connecting the rings but no rings cross the ventral surface which is uniformly dark. This is probably the most important characteristic.

Sonora episcopa
4 Specimens (13770-3) from C?? are unicolor like Oklahoma specimens; there is no indication of a dorsal stripe. They are of course formalin preserved. They are quite large; considerably larger than any Imperial Co. specimen I have seen.
12601-2 (Oklahoma?) and 12709 (3 mi No of Goldthwaite Mills Co. Tex are also unicolor - 5549 (4 mi. N of Blythe Juct., San BernardinoCo.) and 5610 (Herber) have distinct dorsal stripes, now white, probably originally pink.
Uta mearnsi Cabezon, Banning, Snow Creek
(Continued on Jan 15th)


2nd paragraph: 4 specimens from C??