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Saturday, Sept. 9, 1933

This morning met Philip at Evanston, Wyoming at 8:30, the train being 1-2/2 hrs late a/c washout on the Denver branch requiring a wait for the connecting passengers. We then started for Salt Lake City via US 30 and US 5030. The morning was cold and cloudy. Had hoped to get a rattler between Evanston and Salt Lake to see what subspecies is found in that area but no luck. The country is hilly, almost mountainous and high.

1 T. o. vagrans DOR 4 mi. NE of Castle Rock
1 T. o. vagrans DOR Echo City (Lake)
1 T. o. vagrans DOR Coalville
1 C. c. Mormon S DOR Le Grand (almost 8 mi. E. of Salt Lake)

Had lunch at Salt Lake. Bought a 22 and other equipment. Left Salt Lake at 1:15.

1 M. t. taeniatusM DOR 5 I. N. W. Lehi
1 Gopher L DOR Provo Grass
1 L. vernalis M DOR Spanish Fork Grass
1 T. s. parietalis L DOR 2 mi. E. of Peyson Grass
1 C. c. mormon DOR Starr Dry Grass
1 P. c. stejnegeri M DOR 4 mi. S. of Nephi Dry grass

South of Levan the country becomes increasingly arid. Less cultivation. Short sage brush; rolling; some rocks and junipers

(Continued on Sept. 8th)


L. vernalis???