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Calendar For 1926


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Date Book for 1926


Monday, January 25, 1926

To Lakeside, Ramona, San Pasqual, Escondido. Miles 95. Clear warm weather. Start 2:30. Return 6:15. With Chickering, Peckham, Fowler. Did not stop by the roadside at any point.

One yearling Pituophis catenifer annectens at upper end of San Pasqual Valley.


Sunday, February 21, 1926

Went to Mission Valley with Philip and Gartz. Started at 2 PM; returned at 4:30. A warm clear day. Total distance 16 miles.

Saw no snakes or lizards. Went down 6th St grade; returned on Farimont.

Went up the river to foot of Mission Gorge i.e. where river emerges. Found plenty egg strings of Bufo boreas halophilus. Mostly in shallow pools where there was no water flow. Many pools had none but where they were present there were large quantities. They were apparently quite fresh. In some places there were masses which were further developed, movement being evident. In these cases could not be sure they were the same species as the strings were broken up but judged from partially dried strings along the margin that all were bufo. Brought home two jars full.

Caught one large hyla regilla but lost him.